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The Benefits of Buying a Used Truck in Sydney

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25 January 2022

If you’ve made the decision to purchase a truck in Sydney, you’ll come across many options. There are an array of things to consider, from truck mileage and finance, to space and size. Deciding on an ideal truck is difficult and it’s important to ensure you make a considered and informed decision.

One option is buying a brand-new truck. This will most likely feel like a sensible and safe choice; however, you should not disregard the advantages of purchasing a used truck in Sydney. Sure, there can be more risks involved, but there are also a wide range of hidden benefits to purchasing a used truck in Sydney.

If you are looking to buy a used truck near you, you can find excellent deals at second-hand dealers such as Motorfit Sydney. In fact, a used truck purchase in Sydney does not equate to poor vehicle condition.

First and foremost, the second-hand option always works out to be better for you financially. A brand new vehicle will cost much more to purchase, and may not be what you need. You may require a delivery vehicle for your company, and this is not something that makes having a new truck necessary. You may require a vehicle for its loading space, in which case used models behold more of it.

Some newer models also come with added features that you may not require, and boost the price of the vehicle dramatically. Instead of saving and getting a good deal, you end up wasting a large amount of money on features that are not required for your particular needs.

There are many benefits to going with a used truck in Sydney, whether you’re looking for a tow truck or a steel tray model. Motorfit Sydney has a wide range of vehicles to suit any work and requirements you may have.

Here are our top 5 benefits for buying a used truck in Sydney.

1. Access to more brands and choice

Trucks, like all other vehicles, consistently go through technological and general innovations. Each year, we see test vehicle models with new features introduced, and this means a lot of rehashing. So, trucks get retired fairly frequently, which means that you as the consumer receive limited access to models and brands.

Buying a new truck from a reputable brand isn’t feasible for most businesses. On the other hand, going with a used truck in Sydney gives you increased flexibility. There are more models, makes, years, and options at used dealers such as Motorfit Sydney for you to to make a considered choice from.

For instance, if you’re on the hunt for a model with a regular diesel engine or a turbo diesel engine, you’ll have multiple options available. Of course, this goes for other options too. You may need to make a choice between a six-speed manual transmission truck, one with AMT transmission, and an Allison automatic, and it’s easier to look around for one in the used truck market as there is many options for each.

2. The Truck has already gone through its main period of depreciation

Brand-new trucks take a large hit in value as soon as they are purchased. For example, the moment you drive off in your newly bought 2022 Kenworth from the dealership, its value will already depreciate by about 20%. This is a large figure, given the fact that the truck is still practically brand-new.

In contrast, if you get a good deal on a used truck in Sydney, the price may not go down at all for a period of time. There are even private dealers who buy used vehicles and resell them for more. Have you ever heard of a person who buys brand-new vehicles to sell them for more? It is as good as impossible.

If you ever need to sell your vehicle, you’ll likely receive a good portion of your money back from when you originally bought it. This is one of the top reasons why experienced truck buyers prefer second-hand to brand new.

Used truck in Sydney

3. Lower Selling Price

Let’s initiate with the most obvious advantage of buying a used truck in Sydney. Of course, we’re talking about the actual price in which you will have to pay.

Buyers in Sydney are generally reluctant to buy second-hand vehicles, unless there’s a compelling reason to do so. There’s nothing more compelling than paying a considerably lower price for a vehicle that is as good as new.

This applies to trucks as well. The average price of a brand-new truck is about $150,000 in Sydney. The price of a used truck in Sydney can be as low as $50,000. The difference is hugely significant. Granted, you may not find a $150,000 used truck for $50,000, but having the option to pay the latter amount is still an amazing opportunity.

4. Condition

Of course, with a new vehicle the condition is going to be immaculate, you don’t have to think about a new truck breaking down on you anytime soon. However, all vehicles are more durable in recent times, and behold great life spans. You’re good for at least 400,000km. The best thing to come from this is that people often decide to sell their trucks quite quickly after purchasing it, so you are highly likely to get a top quality used truck in Sydney with very decent mileage.

With that said, you should try and stick to the authorised dealerships like Motorfit Sydney, even when buying a used truck in Sydney. Motorfit offer various certification programs and extended warranties.

Inside used truck in Sydney

5. You May be Able to Claim GST Credit

If you sell your current vehicle as a part of a taxable transaction, you can claim GST credit. This works for all used vehicles that have a price tag of more than $300. This also applies if you bought the vehicle from someone who is not GST-registered.

The credit you can get, however, is either the amount of GST payable when the transaction occurred or one-eleventh of the amount paid for the truck, whichever is lesser. Keep in mind that this is only applicable if you’re reselling the vehicle in a taxable sale.

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