Car finance available on all our vehicles

At Motorfit, we not only have the best range of new and used vehicles, but we can also assist with your car finance needs.

Car Finance Services

Corporate lending

Motorfit will find you a better car loan that suits you, so you can make an informed car finance decision. We’re a dedicated team finding best car loan matches for our Corporate Customers.

Our team of dedicated car loan experts are here to support you. We take care in understanding your needs, guiding you through the application process and ensuring that you are informed every step of the way.

Consumer lending

You take control at Motorfit. We make sure you’re in control during the whole process.

You can choose a car from any reputable Australian dealer or private seller and we’ll take care of all the necessary checks so you can get your car and drive away.

Extended warranties

Extended warranties can be applied to all cars. Buyers who plan to keep their car well beyond the expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty may find extended-warranty cover appealing.

There are a range of warranty extension options, which can provide you with protection for the costs of unforeseen car mechanical and electrical failure during the period of cover.

Motor vehicle insurance

Getting a car insured for business purposes can be a different process to getting it insured for personal use. Motorfit will assist in the Motor vehicle insurance process.

Before you can register your vehicle in NSW, you’ll need Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurance – aka Green Slip – which covers the cost of injuries caused by car accidents. Once that’s taken care of, consider coverage for damage to vehicles and property, with Third Party Property Damage or Comprehensive Car Insurance.

Loan payment protection

Motorfit offer payment protection plans as an optional service. Also known as Consumer Credit Insurance, this is also popular add on as it provides loan protection in unforeseen circumstances.

Motorfit does not arrange this add-on insurance. Loan payment protection lets a customer stop making minimum monthly payments on a loan or credit card balance during a period of involuntary unemployment or disability.

Tyre and rim insurance

Motorfit offer Tyre and rim insurance. Damage to tyres and wheels can happen to anyone, and usually, it’s when we least expect it.

To ensure your custom rims, you have the option of increasing the coverage on your current policy or purchasing additional coverage solely for the rims.

Shopping for a new policy that includes your rims as part of the full vehicle value is another option, and may offer you additional benefits and savings as well.

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