Buying A Used Car With Motorfit Sydney

What to look for when buying a used car at Motorfit Sydney.

In the market for a new vehicle? Then why not buy the best quality used car in Sydney with a trusted reputable used car dealer, Bodyfit Autos!

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7 December 2021

In the market for a new vehicle in Sydney?

In the market for a new vehicle? Then why not buy a used car from Bodyfit Autos! It makes sense considering your needs. It makes sense considering your budget. And it makes sense to buy a used car from Bodyfit Autos.

In NSW, there’s a dealer guarantee on all used vehicles (excluding motorcycles) less than 10 years old and driven less than 160,00 kilometres. You’re covered for 5,000 kilometres or three months after the purchase. Whichever is the first to occur.

With private sellers, there’s no statutory warranty when buying a used car. Drive away and five minutes later the wheels fall off? Unfortunately you are out of luck and out of options. With private sales, a clear title of the used car isn’t guaranteed either. So any faults found won’t be covered by Fair Trading. And you’re stuck with no legal backup. The same goes for purchasing a used hand car at an auction. You can’t test drive the used car. It may or may not come with a warranty. And you probably won’t be able to have it inspected thoroughly right there and then on the day of the auction.

If you are thinking of Purchasing a used car from Motorfit Sydney, why not sell your current car too? Selling your car can be a stressful and time consuming process. Motorfit can assist in selling your car so you can have peace of mind when looking at buying your new vehicle.Buying A Used Car Motorfit Sydney

Motorfit Sydney provides you with the most essential things to look for when buying a used car:

1. Tyre Check

Whether it’s a small family used car or luxury sports used car, make sure all tyres – spare included – are in good visible condition and even displaying wear. Tread depth should be above minimum wear indicators. The condition of the car’s tyres can also reveal to you a lot about the car’s suspension. Excessive wear on one shoulder of a tyre might be a sign that the vehicle’s wheel alignment is out.

2. Engine Check

When taking the used car for a test drive, you’ll want to make sure that the engine runs smoothly and quietly when driving and when idling. Be sure to check the oil dipstick too. You’ll want to see nice, honey-coloured oil. Unless it’s a diesel, where black oil is normal. Ask to see the service book to confirm that the used car has been serviced regularly throughout the course of it’s life. Have a look around the oil filler cap. If there’s a creamy white substance present, it could mean the engine needs a more detailed examination. A dodgy engine could cost you more money in the long run and running costs could soon add up. This is one of the most essential things to tick off your car-buyer checklist.

3. Seat Belt Check

Safety should be the main priority for any car buyer. So confirm that the seat belts are in good condition; that locking mechanisms work and that the belts extend and retract smoothly. Give the steering wheel a check too. Just to make sure it turns easily and feels nice and sturdy.

4. Lights Check

Taillights, indicators, number plate lights, park lights and reverse lights should all be in good working order. Don’t forget, you’ll also want to make sure that none of the warning lights on the instrument panel are illuminated when the car is running. If you notice that the lights are not working properly on the used car, ask for them to be replaced so you can verify it is not a wiring or electrical fault.

5. Body Check

Check that all doors open and close with ease. And latch firmly. This includes the boot and bonnet. Check the body for any loose, mismatched or misaligned panels. Ensure there is no evidence of rust, hail damage or crash repairs. Inspect the exterior for things like paint overspray, ripples, dents or creases. You’ll want to ensure that there are no signs of extreme off-road use on the vehicle either.

A faded paint job could signify that the car has spent more time exposed to the elements than it has being properly garaged and maintained. Scrapes and bumps could indicate that a previous owner was generally reckless with the way in which they handled the car. That’s why you always want to make sure you schedule an inspection of the used car during the opening daylight hours at Bodyfit Autos. Never in the dark when it’s raining. Imperfections are easy to hide when conditions are not optimal for inspection.

6. Radiator Coolant and Fluid Check

With the engine cold, remove the radiator coolant cap and check that the coolant is clean, brightly coloured and free of any rust. You’ll also want to check under the car and around the engine compartment for any signs of oil, coolant or other fluid leaks. Purchasing a used car can save you money. But if there are fluid leaks, then repairing them could result in costing you more over the long run.

7. Vehicle Identification Check

The car’s vehicle identification number (VIN) should match the VIN on all registration papers. It’s also a good idea to confirm the vehicle’s compliance dates and build.

8. Exhaust Check

Smoke is a bad thing. So are knocking sounds and undue noises that come from underneath the car. These could be indicators of deeper issue within the exhaust system of the vehicle.

9. Equipment Check

Different cars behold different accessories. You’ll want to make sure that all of them work. So be sure to test things like fans, the air conditioning, parking sensors, power windows, reverse camera, the stereo and navigation system. You’ll also want to make sure that the car’s tool kit and jack are in place and in good working condition.

10. Interior Check

Look for any wear and tear, damage, stains or cracks to the car’s interior upholstery, plastics and carpet. Use your best possible judgement to determine whether or not wear to the interior is reflective of the age and kilometres of the used car.
The car should definitely be clean and free of any odd smells. A clean interior tells you that the car has likely been well maintained and owned. Nobody wants to buy a second hand car with a second hand smell.

Motorfit | Buy and sell quality used cars in Sydney
We look forward to helping you shop for your next car and help you take home the vehicle of your dreams after a fun and successful shopping experience. For more information about us and our vehicle selection, contact us today. 

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